Calm sunset

About Can Dickerson

Hi my name is Can (pronounced like “Jon”). I am a portrait and editorial photographer in Durham, North Carolina.

A little background

Raised in Turkey, moved to Paris after college, married  an American airman. We lived all over the world for the next 25 years.

A few years ago, we settled in one of Durham’s historic homes where I have my indoor and outdoor studio.


My first photography experience as a 9-year-old with my mom’s camera was a disaster. After realizing and understanding the importance of the light that surrounds us, the fun began…

then came the respect I have for photography and the artistry it takes.

My photographs

When I became more serious about photography, my camera became my eyes, and my photographs became my life vision. I was taking photographs to remember places, and most importantly, people as they were. When time goes by, and our memories fail, all we need is one well-captured photograph to remember with authenticity.

That is where I come to your service!

Give me a call, check out my website, instagram page, drop me a line, let me know what can I do for you.

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