About Can Dickerson

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Hi my name is Can (pronounced like “Jon”). I am a portrait and editorial photographer in Durham, North Carolina.

A little background; I was born and raise  in Ankara, spent most of my teenage years between Ankara and Paris.  After college, I married an American airman. We lived all over the world for the next 25 years. A few years ago, we settled in one of Durham’s historic homes where I have my indoor and outdoor studio.

My first photography experience as a 9-year-old with my mom’s camera was a disaster. The light! is sure the element for photography.  After realizing and understanding the importance of the light that surrounds us, the fun began… then came the respect I have for photography and the artistry it takes.

Slowly photography became a way of explaining life my way.  I was taking photographs to remember places, and most importantly, people as they were. My emphasis is on people...photographs of people we love we care, will remain as one of the most powerful and cherished objects of our lives.  That is where I come to your service!

Check out my website, instagram page, see my style, drop me a line, let me know who do you want me to photograph...



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